Zambezi River Basin Mapping Predicts Floods and Improves Water Management

In 2016 Zambia needed precise flood prediction along the mighty Zambezi River basin, as well as analysis of the possibilities to construct dams along the river trail and improve water supply and water management in the country.

It was a great opportunity for Ofek’s international team to experience the positive impact of its activities on the well-being of river side communities in addition to facilitating the improvement of water management and use for the welfare of the country as a whole.

The project delivers two major outcomes:

1.Water management of one of the largest river basins in the world – The Zambezi River.

2.Creation of Flood hazard maps and Geo-Information database for the development of hydraulic models to predict floods and mitigate flood hazards.

As part of the 12,000 km2 project, our 3D division created a beautiful 3D model which shows a precise and detailed topographical information of the current state of the world renowned Landmark: The Victoria Falls.

Click on the picture below and enjoy an interactive 3D model of the Falls:

Victoria Falls: An Interactive 3D Modelling

To obtain the geographic information data required for the project, Ofek launched an aerial survey campaign with an airborne Lidar system and aerial mapping camera, producing an accurate topographic 3D model of the current state of the river basin, including high-resolution Orthophoto map.

DTM Layer: one of the Lidar outcomes

See for yourself..  Have fun!

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